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Prepare for sale

Casa Palma Property Styling offer you consultation and evaluation of your property before starting the staging and styling process

Property Styling

Casa Palma Property Styling specialises in styling properties for sale with our specialists in design and decorating. A simple investment, guaranteed to add value to your property.

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Interior Design

Our specialists will create exceptional, luxurious, and modern design using the latest market trends for interior design and decorating for your property staging and similar events.

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Furniture Hire

We can provide you with furniture packages, including lighting, household essentials, home entertainment, and accessories, to get your property on to the market fast.

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Our Services


Property styling involves the use of interior design and decorating skills to serve the purpose of home staging. It improves the appeal of your home for potential visitors or buyers and potentially sells it with a higher profit margin.


Home staging or property styling requires tools and resources that are affordable, luxurious, and convenient to guarantee the success of each project. Property stylists need furniture, lighting and decoration elements.


Interior design is all about how we experience spaces. It’s a powerful, essential part of our daily lives and affects how we live, work, play, and even heal. Comfortable homes, functional workplaces, beautiful public spaces is eye-catching for visitors. This is why we aspire to present them with a vision that they can proudly call home.

Our Work Process

Step One

We get to know all the details about your property on sale from our visit. How old is the property? How many bedrooms? What elements you would like to change? What style you want? And What is your target market? 

Step Two

After proposing our recommendations for the property, we set a timeline for the project, offer a range of furniture and decoration placements, and we agree on the project's cost and estimated sales price.

Step Three

In this step, Casa Palma Property Styling team will use all their expertise to stage your property for sale. We will work on providing a welcoming, unique, and attractive sensation to your property for potential buyers.

Step Four

Now that our work for your home staging is done, you have new marketing materials to sell the property in a record time and for a price that exceeds your expectations. In addition, you will find reasonable full furniture rental package over the course of the sale. 

Looking to get higher profit margin from your property sale? Let's talk.