Home staging for sale in Sydney

What are the benefits of property styling?

Property Staging in Australia is relatively new; however, it is becoming very popular with proven results for property sellers. Much like any investment, home staging has shown increasing rates in sales rapidity, profit margin, and property visitors. Real Estate agents claimed that professional property stylist have the ability to increase your property selling price by a whopping rate between 7.5 and 12.5%. 

What is Property Styling? 

Property Styling is the process of professionally staging a property with furniture and decoration to make use of the space and make it more visually appealing to visitors. It draws the fundamentals of interior design to flatter the property. 

In fact, 95% of property visitors are unable to visualise the use of space in an empty property. They are not impressed by empty room and floors and need help to give them proper possibilities of where to place the furniture and decorations. 

This is why professional interior designers specialised in home staging are essential since they know the market trends and have a clear view on what the buyers are looking for. They know how to capture the visitors’ attention and make them imagine living in the property. 

Benefits of home staging: 

1. Staged properties pictures stand out: 

According to Forbes, most people don’t live in properties designed by experts. Therefore, one of the reasons to make them want to buy a new house is to live in a better property inside and outside. Empty properties don’t leave room for aspiration and in many occasions the buyers will choose to visit the properties with better pictures on magazines or online.  

2. Less blockage around certain aspects of the property: 

Let’s say the property have some architectural mistakes or inconvenient features like small windows, pillars in the middle of spaces… The property stylist will have a solution which will give the visitor an idea on how to make use of those areas and make them more like assets to the property. 

3. Increase your sales prices: 

Top real estate agents in Australia noticed that home staging can boost the sales prices by between 7.5% and 12.5%. This surely means that property staging is a certain investment! Is there anything better then investing in a project that will get you a profit margin that high? 

4. Sell your property faster: 

The average time a staged property stays in the market do not exceed 23 days which is a big deal for agents and home sellers. There are many factors related to how long a property can stay in the market like the location, the listing, the property pictures… However, around the world property staging can guarantee that the sale will happen much quicker. Additionally, Assn UK & Ireland stated that staged homes sell up to 3 times faster than non-staged homes. 

Maximize your profit margin 

Casa Palma property styling offers property styling solution all over Sydney. We have staged many properties in the suburbs of Sydney and Beach areas over many years. Check out our previous projects and what our clients have to say about us. For your enquiries call 0412 954 218 or fill in the contact form.