property styling cost in australia

How much does home staging cost in Australia?

For many individuals, selling their property is a stressful time in their life, and this only gets worse the longer the property stays on the market. There are few reasons properties stay on the market for extended periods, which include; aesthetics and price. If the price is right, you can sell a house irrespective of the aesthetics, but if you want to sell for more, it’s all about technique. You need to display the home with elegant styling while keeping core design principles in mind without breaking the bank. A home staging package could be exactly what you need to sell your home faster and at a much higher value – according to a published report, a staged house spends over 70% less time on the market than other similar homes. 

Is staging a home for sale worth the investment? 

Staging your home is a fantastic way to highlight all the wonderful features your home offers. According to, staged homes spend between 33% and 50% less time on the market and also sell for 20% more than other similar houses that were not staged. A staged home also ensures that everyone who walks into the house will instantly feel drawn to it, seeing as the technique used when staging a home comprises using styles, colors and furniture that is neutral yet appealing to all preferences. In a recent survey performed by the National Association of Realtors, over 80% of buyers reported they can think a staged house as a future home for them much better than other similar homes that were not staged. Your professional property stylist will ensure the management and success of the project to help sellers achieve the best return on their investment. 

The process of your home styling project 

First, the process will start with a consultation to calculate the ideal home styling package for your home. Afterward, a dedicated team of highly trained professionals will step in and give your home a completely modern feel – depending on your home’s styling needs, home staging could take anything from a few days to a few weeks and can comprise either a partial or full styling. This is a fantastic solution if you would like to upgrade your home without spending money on any serious renovations. 

What home staging agencies include in the cost of a property styling service? 

The cost of staging your home will include many individual services; from the painting of your home to the hire of new furniture; even the installation of new fixtures to go the extra mile for your home. The costs may vary depending on the size of your home and the amount of rooms that need to be furnished, as well as the delivery and collection fees of the hired furniture. A home staging’s costs also depend on the specific styling features – some homes only need a partial styling and some touch-ups, while others need to be restyled completely. Your professional property stylist will discuss all of this with you during an obligation-free consultation. According to what they will offer, you’ll feel assured knowing your home will get the design that will show it at its greatest potential, making this a worthwhile investment. 

Irrespective of what type of property you’re selling, a home staging could mean wonders for your sale – it can ensure a quicker sale of the property and an increased selling price. Contact us to make use of our styling services if you’re selling your property or considering selling in the near future!